French Polishing London

French Polishing London

French polishing in London for antique and modern furniture. If you need French polishing in London for broken or tired looking furniture, the experience and professional team with Furniture Mend will be able to help you.

French polishing is a fantastic restoration solution for wooden furniture in need of repair. This service is available for both domestic and trade customers, and can typically be finished within one business day. With the Furniture Mend highly trained experts, clients can expect their furniture to be restored to a like new condition. your furniture will be polished to a glossy finish and treated with high grade shellac resin. The team provide their French polishing services in London for all types of wooden furniture including tables, chairs and cabinets to name but a few examples.

French Polish London

French Polish London

Get your furniture treated with French polish in London from capable experts. For domestic and commercial customers who require professional French polishing in London to protect their most valuable items of furniture. Perfect for both antique and new items, the French polish technique gives wooden furniture a new lease of life, leaving it glossy and rejuvenated.

If your wooden furniture is in need of repair or is looking old, a French polish can restore it to it's former glory, and provide protection from more damage. A French polish in London is available for a large number of furnishings, including soft and hard wood items, such as chairs, cabinets and banisters.

French Polisher London

French Polisher London

With French polishing in London, the skilled team can restore your furniture to a great looking condition again. Hire a French polisher in London to rejuvenate your furniture. By employing specialist methods and high quality materials, the furniture technicians can repair damage, restore colour wooden furnishings.

Every French polisher in London is highly trained and have extensive experience in working with both contemporary and antique furnishings. The team offer first class French polishing in London, which involves employing tried and tested methods to repair and restore wooden furniture to a showroom condition.

The process involves washing back of wood surfaces, repair of damage and blemishes, application of shellac resin, repeated polishing of wood, and waxing to a glossy finish. The skilled French polisher for London will have experience with a large range of furnishings, so they are able to offer clients their services for both antique and modern items, including coffee tables and chairs. They can cater to matching sets, or numerous unique items.

Other popular items for the service include cabinets and display cases. They also can cover sideboards and banisters, so be creative when thinking about which items of furniture to get a French polish in London. In nearly cases, work can be finished within just one business day. However, larger items that need extensive restoration can be transported to the national repair facility where needed.

Get in contact today to make your booking - all you need to do is complete with the website form, including your contact details, the type of furnishing you own, and the details of the restoration work required. A member of the team will then be in touch to provide you with more regarding hiring a French polisher in London.

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Shellac French Polish London

Shellac French Polish London

Shellac is the material used in french polish and it helps bring out the grain of your wooden furniture. A shellac French polish in London can remove water, heat and ink marks whilst restoring the appearance of antique furniture.


Do the team offer a London French polishing service for trade customers?

The team provide a London French polishing service for both commercial and domestic customers.

They are able to conduct services at business premises at times that are suitable for the client.


Does French polishing in London protect furniture?

French polishing for London does provide some protection for wooden furniture, but it is not as hard wearing as some other finishes.

However, repairs to polished materials are easy and speedy to finish, and the finish the method produces is unique.


Is the French polish technique suitable for my antique furniture in London?

A traditional method for repairing and restoring wooden furniture, the technique is ideal for antique items.

a french antique bed in walnut circa x side piece needs repairing. can send photos by e mail.

Mrs Fry

i have a tea table that was my great grandmothers, it has been polished previously, many years ago, badly I have to say. id like to see it restored to its original state. in addition, over the years the rod the top rotates on has been broken and the hinges replaced with modern ones. appalling that this person called himself a french polisher and restorer. can you help and how much will it cost pl


i have a chest of drawers with a stained top, due to a cup of tea. id like the top of the chest of drawers stripped and polished. how much would you charge? many thanks.

Emily Ritchie

i have a mantle clock case which is split in half. it is edwardian.measures 11inch high x x inch deep x 5 5/8ths inch wide. iam looking to have the case repaired and polished. can youadvise a ball-park figure for the work? regardsm

Michael Murrin

hello! I was wondering if you could help me. I have an antique china cabinet thats in a bit of a bad way. it has been moved several times and, as a result, two of its legs have broken off (i have them) and one of the glass panes is broken. it is locked and I dont have the key so the lock would need replacing. also, its lining is a little faded so ideally id like it replaced. its mahogany and c


i may have a italian inlay table which had been in sun and faded how much to french french polish back to how it should be please have got picture and it€™s oval shape 6 chairs regardslorraine


side walling to lift car for office block scuffed and marked requires french polish to revive clean up and bring back to presentable life

Richard Bentley

i have a yew dining table that needs french polishing to remove some stains.

Jennifer Felton