Reupholstery London

Reupholstery London

High quality reupholstery in London, provided by a knowledgeable team, offering reupholstery throughout the UK for domestic and commercial properties. The technicians use high standard materials and professional methods, to ensure all labour is finished to a high standard. Reupholstery in London is economical as well.

The skilled technicians can revitalise damaged furniture with new padding, springs, webbing, fabric and leather covers. With flexible dates, early morning and weekend arrangements are possible for your convenience. Reupholstery in London is carried out to ensure customer satisfaction with the end results.

Upholsterers London

Upholsterers London

The specialist upholsterers in London offer excellent services, giving a new lease of life into old and tired looking furniture. The team of skilled professionals offer reupholstery for a varied range of furniture, including sofas, chaise lounges and dining chairs.

Reupholstery in London is available for single items or bulk orders, and appointments can be booked made for times that are suitable for the client. The dedicated upholsterers offer long lasting repairs, with all work finished to a showroom standard. they won't complete a task until you are happy with the results. A wide range of services are available, for example webbing, replacing padding, repairs for stitching, spring replacements, frame repairs. They can also supply leather covers.

As the technicians take pride in their high standards of workmanship, they provide full warranties with all London reupholstery. These guarantee the high quality of both the materials used and the work undertaken. The service is a cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to buying replacement furnishings. Whatever you need, the upholsterers in London will be happy to assist.

Car Upholstery Repair London

Car Upholstery Repair London

Domestic and commercial customers can take advantage of a high quality car upholstery repair in London. This service is offered at cost effective prices, and is ideal for when you want to improve the appearance and value of your vehicle. This is just one of the services offered asides from furniture reupholstery in London.

A national network of capable upholsterers are at hand to provide assistance for commercial and domestic customers who require reupholstery in London. The service offered covers a wide range of furnishings, ranging from valuable antique chairs to contemporary sofas.

All the technicians are well trained to use a variety of up to date repair methods and pride themselves on the high quality of their car upholstery repair for London. If you would like to organise your car upholstery repair in London, or any other upholstery service, just complete the website form with a brief description of the service desired, what sort of furniture it is for, and your contact information. A member of the furniture repair department will get back to you by telephone or email as soon as possible.

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Reupholstery Cost London

Reupholstery Cost London

If the frame is intact, why replace your beloved piece of furniture? Furniture reupholstery in London using high quality fabrics or leather can bring new life to tired old furniture whilst matching your new style, without costing a fortune.


Can the upholsterers in London match my furniture to the decor of my home?

The upholsterers in London are able to to match your decor. Most items can be fully reupholstered if required.

The specialists can revitalise your old furniture by removing the old fabric and replacing it with a high quality alternative.


The panels on my sofa are damaged. Can reupholstery in London help?

Reupholstery for London covers all aspects of sofa repair from, ranging from replacing damaged panels to repairing broken stitching.

Further information on furniture services from the team can be provided upon request.


How economical is reupholstery in London?

In most cases, reupholstery in London is a far cheaper alternative to replacing worn or damaged furnishings.

The team are proud to provide a professional service, without compromising on quality.

i have a fabric covered armchair with a spring broken in the base. it needs to be re upholstered and the spring mended. please could I have a quote for that.many thanksjen

Jen Ciarleglio

i have a number of old dining chairs that need reupholstering. they are traditional seat pads with horse hair filling. if I supplied the fabric can you tell me the cost of upholstering

Ade Murphy

to re-upholster leather and oak two-seater settee.

Yasmin Carmen Ramjohn

1 wood dining chair needs re-glueing1 leather armchair needs arm mending3 piece leather suite needs leather restoration do you do dining chair seat pad reupholstery?

Bev Mitchell

hi,was given a round table and four dining chairs. the chairs are fully upholstered, more like armchairs, and I cant get them ideally like removable covers made for them.theyre a weird shape; round-backed, and with seats that fit under the circular table, (like slices of a round pie!) they dont have visible legs, but look solid down to the floor. (i can send you a photo if itll help.

Karen Gunning

please provide quite to re-upholster a desk chair in grey fabric of faux leather. thank you.

Kim Lewis

scratches on table top and upholstering wooden chairs, to introduce fabric and padding

Elis Bartlett

hi there,we have a flat bench in our gym which needs reupholstering and were wondering whether this comes under your services.if so would it be a case of one of our team dropping it of to you in walton or would it need to be collected?if this is possible and you need further information please let me know! kind regards,rebecca hodges